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Activities for grups and  agencies

Visit with performance of the Picasso’s staying

Walk through the Picasso’s places by Horta de Sant Joan in the company of Picasso himself and his mate Fernande.

Find out corner by corner how he was living summers of his youth in this village between his friends. Enjoy the landscapes that evoked the first cubism paintings of the artist in the XX century.

Minim: 350€

Duration: 1h-2h

Book with 30 dies in advance

Disponible evenings and festive

From the Battle for Ebro to peace

 In the villages of Terres de l’Ebre you’ll find a cultural richness marked by the Battle for Ebro, a context where the women’s empowerment, families’ survival and young people with their wish of a different present and future were mixed.

Minim: 10 persons. 10€/pax

Duration: 1h-6h

Canyoning in Els Ports

Take a deep breath, take an impulse and jump to the river: in some seconds you’ll be swimming between fishes and crystal water. Natural toboggans, waterfalls and whirlpools are the protagonists of this activity in the Ports


Mínim: 10 persons. 35€/pax

Duration: 4h-6h


Nordic Walking: Relearn to walk?

Be ready to train while walking in the countryside landscapes full of vegetation and tranquility.  The guides will come with you to show you games and dynamics how to walk correctly and to feel it in your body.


Minim: 10 persons. 14€/pax

Duration: 1h-3h

Guided tour of Picasso’s spaces in Horta

Horta de Sant Joan was called by Picasso as Horta de Ebro, a village loved by him for the adventures, friendships and inspiration that he found in his youth. Cubism, experimentation and cultural shocks are the spirit of this story.

Mínim: 10 persons

Duration: 1h-2h

Price: Minim 70€. 7€/px.

Possibility to add *Interactive route for children between 4 and 13 years.


The fruits centenarian olive trees

It is a good moment to reward your palate with tastes of the wise centenarian trees of Terres de l’Ebre: olive trees. Aromas, tastes and traditional recipes are the keys of this activity.


Mínim: 10 persons. 10€/pax

Duration: 1h-2h

The Green Way: From train to bicycle!

With the first hit to the pedal you’ll get in directly to the Green Way, the ancient train way, actually reformed because you could immerse yourself in the plains, rivers, tunnels and mountains where that transport was run before. For all the ages.


Minim: 10 persons. 22€/pax

Duration: 3h-6h

Kayaking in Les Terres de l’Ebre

Stop for a moment and enjoy this calm. With the kayak you’ll get in touch with a very strong kind of sport and at the same time with the exclusive natural settings for the adventurer people who look fond of the crystal waters from the surface.


Minim: 6 persons. 25€/pax

Duration: 1h-2h

From the Templars Order to the San Francesc Order

The Sant Salvador convent shows us the time passing from the discovery of vestiges left by Cathars and the Templars Order, the Hospital Order and San Francesc Order. You’ll know the history of Sant Salvador, the Franciscan monk that gave the name to the monument.


Minim: 10 persons 7€/pax

Duration: 1h-2h

Among the vines and vineyards of the Terra Alta

The villages of the Terres de l’Ebre combine camps and aromas with vineyards immersed in our landscape,  the tastes and the varieties unique to this territory originated from here.. They are famous all over  the world. Discover them from your feelings.


Minim: 6 persons. 12€/pax

Duration: 1h-2h


The best views of the Natural Parc

Tibetan bridges, ways to climb and exclusive sights for the most adventurous-all these define this day trip. All the moment you’ll be guided by the professional to help you, to show you the best point to discover flora and fauna of these hills.


Minim: 8 persons. 35€/pax

Duration: 2h-4h

Speleology: The mountains from inside

Get to know the emotions of those who put their head in the darkness? Go deep into the mountains. Do a step forward and let you fall with the first rappelling that will provoke you an unforgettable and unique experience.   


Minim: 4 persons. 38€/pax

Duration: 2h-6h

Anthropology in Aldover

Make an experiment and get to know the life surrounding the neolithic house.
Mínim: 6 persons
Duration: 1h-2h

Enjoy the Alfaques Bay in a boat

Enjoy  the possibility to sleep and to have diner swinging on the waves in the Alfaques Bay. This is the ideal boat to get the maxim pleasure of the sea in the bay and to live an unforgetable experience.
Mínim: 2 persons
Duration: 12h-24h

The treasures of the Alfaques Bay in kayak.

Enjoy the wonderful instant of the outstanding ambience as Alfaques Bay, in your own beat in the kayak.

Mínim: 4 persons
Duration: up to 6h

Taste of herbal teas of the high Gastronomy.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the Botanical Garden bathed by the sea breeze. Imagine the world from the other perspective. Only live the moment.
Mínim: 6 persons
Duration: 2h

Area Mon Natura Delta

Area MónNatura Delta live by the fishing, traditions, salt and birdwatching . With this guided visit  of the areas which form  MónNatura you’ll be able to understand and appreciate this exceptional place and to discover the biodiversity that  surrounds Natural Parc  Delta de l’Ebre.
Mínim: 2 persons
Duration: 2h

Poetry in the Kayak

Enjoy the poetry tastes in the middle of the  Alfaques Bay in the company of flamingos, sunset and unforgetable sceneries.

Mínim: 2 persons
Duration : 2 h

Regenerative tourism with rice.

Get to know the rice farming by hand, seeding, placing, weeding, harvesting with the sickle and manual peeling. Learn to regenerate the environment at the same moment with your own regeneration.

Mínim: 6 persons
Duration : 2 hores