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Discover Canyoning in Els Ports Nature Park

Parc Natural dels Ports, España
Take a deep breath, get impulse and a good push to jump into the river: in a matter of seconds you will find yourself swimming among fish. Slides, jumps, hidden pools and adrenaline is what you will find doing canyoning in the Els Ports Nature Park.

The best views of Els Ports Nature Park

Parc Natural dels Ports, España
Tibetan bridges, stairs that rise to the clouds and exclusive views for those who dare to live these adventures. From the beginning and until the end you will be accompanied by adrenaline and nerves that will make it worth every step you take on the stones.

Speleology: The mountains from the inside

Parc Natural dels Ports, España
Do you know the emotion of those who are immersed in darkness? Take a step forward and let yourself fall with the first rappel that will take you on a unique adventure.

From l’Ebre Battle towards Peace

Horta de Sant Joan, España
In the villages of Les Terres de l’Ebre you will find a cultural richness marked by an historical event that does not go unnoticed: the battle of l’Ebre.

The fruit of the centennial olive trees

Horta de Sant Joan, España
It is time to savor the essence of the wisest trees in nature: the olive oil and olives of the centennial and millennial olive trees of Terres de l’Ebre.

Kayaking a Les Terres de l’Ebre

Pantano de La Pena, España
Stop a few seconds and enjoy this unmatched calmness. With the kayak you will discover a powerful sport as well as you will be surrounded by a calm and refreshing nature.

The Vineyards of the Convent

Les Vinyes del Convent, Horta de San Juan, España
With a privileged location and spectacular views of Horta de Sant Joan, Els Ports and the Roques d’en Benet, rises the cellar Les Vinyes del Convent, a project promoted by Elies Gil in homage to a family historically linked to the world of wine and with a heart for Horta.

The Environment on two wheels

Via Verda, Horta de San Juan, España
Feet on the pedals and the wheels begin to start to accelerate on dust roads, asphalt, water and nature.

Knights Templar and Franciscan monks

Convent de Sant Salvador, Horta de Sant Joan, España
The discovery that we will make of the Convent of San Salvador is, above all, the origin of its true name: Convent of the Mother of God of the Angels.

From Pablo to Picasso

Centre Picasso d'Horta, Carrer de l'Hospital, Horta de San Juan, España
Discover the Horta de Ebro (actual Horta de Sant Joan) that reproduced a young and very restless Picasso together with his friend Manuel Pallarès.