Destination Management Company

Our challenge

We want to share with you an ethical, sustainable and ecological way to enjoy the nature of Els Ports Natural Park and the culture of Les Terres de l’Ebre. 

Why Eco?

Tourism in Les Terres de l’Ebre is growing so fast and we want you to be part of this but in a different way: we will make you enjoy, laugh and experience the most local parts of our where we live drving an EV. Or tasting sustainable and ecological wines and olive oils. Or discovering all our surroundings of nature throught the eyes of its flora and fauna and the ones who take care of them. 

That’s why we want to join Garbinada to the one of most important words of this century: ecotourism. Let us pick you to rivers that will blow you away for its amazing nature; let us serve you the most local and tasty plates of our restaurants and enjoy with us that now, you are another part of the change we want to see on Earth. The first step: having fun with it.

Garbinada: A Catalan word that comes from the word Garbí, which describes a hot and soft wind that moves all the clouds like on the photo you see above. That causes changes on the environment, which give us new air to breathe and a refreshing start of the day.

That is our first step: choosing a cool name!
We felt this one could describe what we want to do after many years working on traditional tourism, seeing what creates fun, what is worth to remember and which things you enjoy the most of Les Terres de l’Ebre.

From now on…

We began as a team of four people and we are growing up everyday! You will experience all of our activities with more than 10 different enterprises and enterpreneurs comitted to take care of our natural and cultural surroundings.

And from the moment you enjoy Les Terres de l’Ebre with us, you become part too of Garbinada.


The Team

Team, intermediaries, new-friends-of-terres-de-lebre… everything fits! In Garbinada we are all people who have travelled, still travel and hope will be keep travelling for long time so we totally understand your desires to travel in a more local and authentic way. Everyone in this team has lived here for 5 to 30 years: we came here once and we couldn’t leave. Now we want to show you this everything that has become Les Terres de L’Ebre in our home.



Jordi will take you to the most exciting past that is still alive in Les Terres de l’Ebre: the catharism, the knight templars and the franciscan monks ages. All of them decorating the streets of our small villages.



Picasso and him would have been good friends. In fact, Philippe is now who explains his story all around the streets of Horta the Sant Joan to make you discover the anecdotes of this unique artist.



The one who writes these lines and the also the one who takes the activities and groups that have kids involved. Having fun is the best way to learn!



She rules big groups. Team buildings, weddings, big families… everyone fits in our activities, small and biiig groups.


The most eco and sustainable enterprises and enterpreneurs of Les Terres de l’Ebre. If you are one too and you are still not here, contact us 😉